About Us

Helsey is derived from the Norwegian term “Helce” meaning health while Quintoe is from “Kunto” in Finnish meaning fitness. We began our journey as a fitness wear e-commerce store with the sole aim of providing people with an unparalleled fitness experience. Taking inspiration from some of the biggest names in the fitness industry, we strive to keep people content in their own skin. The Helsey Quintoe team has risen to the challenge of providing luxurious apparel, fitness and wellness equipment and accessories that allows everyone to workout with confidence. We prioritize our customers’ needs above all else.


The Team

We are a team of experts in Arts, Designing, Fitness & Sports.  Our awesome team is composed of International elite Fitness Instructors, Coaches & designers.  We also have a great background on international business.

The products

We make our own designs for our premium apparels.  Our products are sourced mostly domestically in USA & from International markets.  We strive to deliver high quality products, so that our customers can enjoy and have the best possible experience with them. Our array of products includes fitness apparels, fitness & wellness related equipment and accessories.

The customers & well wishers - our partners in business

In addition to our efforts to bring value to products in our shop, we invite and accept valuable inputs from our customers & well wishers.  We see them as our partners in improving our products.

Please contact us at support@helseyquintoe.us with new custom designs that you may want to see on your apparels.

Phone: +1 925 459 5559